Right Back Where We Started From

Nick Foy, CFP®

If ever there was a short-term example of why market timing is a game that only idiots play, it’s the past seven months. Check out what the S&P 500 has done since early September, 2018:

Pity the fool who sold out in September and probably neglected to buy back in late December.

It was likely a dude who made the fateful choice to try and beat the market, and he most certainly failed to do so. I say that because study after study has shown that women are better investors than men. As a group, they save more, and earn more on their investments than men do. The reason? They tend to look at their portfolios less often, and make fewer changes than their male counterparts.

The Man in the Aston

Today I was walking through Uptown Charlotte past the Ritz. Some guy was driving out in an Aston convertible, and I walked right in front of him. Aside from the fact that the typical convertible driver (not owner, probably a lessor) is thrice divorced, I considered what it would take to get him to be a client of Greenway. I play this game in my head with some regularity.

Over and over again, I realize that Aston Convertible Guy isn’t going to be interested in our investment approach: it just isn’t sexy enough.

Aston Convertible Guy (or the one I’ve imagined) wants to be sold some big idea with the potential for gigantic returns, but the significant likelihood of complete disaster. His country club friends will be super impressed, though, and he’ll never actually have to report back with the results.

I tell our prospects and our clients that we’d rather work with someone who is broke but goal-oriented, and is interested in using their money to fund great experiences and support organizations that matter to them instead of the archetypical Aston Convertible Guy, who is looking for the sizzle and doesn’t care about the steak.

Our ideal client is willing to give up empty allure in favor of an effective strategy that will help them achieve their financial goals. For them, we’re ready to offer protection from the insanity and guidance toward success.

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